What does Tower of Fantasy's title mean?

What does Tower of Fantasy's title mean? ...

Tower of Fantasy is an open-world action RPG that combines sci-fi and fantasy elements to create a unique and exciting world. This includes CS, which might leave you wondering if it exists in Tower of Fantasy.

What is CS in Tower of Fantasy?

The Combat Strength (CS) is a loosely defined term for your combat ability, although it is not a direct representation of it. It is determined by combining your stats, weapons, gear, and level. The higher your CS, the better you will perform in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy may use CS as a guideline for activities, quests, and more. Often you will see a recommended CS or even a required one. This means you will need to increase your CS as you progress in the game.

How to increase CS in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy requires you to acquire better weapons and gear as well as leveling up your character and weapons. This is critical in order to boost your CS and increase your character's combat score. Try a different weapon and upgrade combination to get your CS as high as possible.