Seven Knights 2 Will Get a Huge Content Update and Events to Last 300 Days

Seven Knights 2 Will Get a Huge Content Update and Events to Last 300 Days ...

This article was written in collaboration with Seven Knights 2.

Seven Knights 2, the immensely popular Netmarble MMORPG sequel, has just passed the magical milestone of 300 days worldwide service.Netmarble is holding several events and releasing a major content update, including new characters, PvP content, and more.Those characters are Vanquisher of Evil Teo, Sealed Shaman Kagura, and Sharpshooter Ruri.

Teo is the highlight. A powerful Legendary+ hero with Universal class abilities, he is a force to be reckoned with in any situation. He is the star of the new Advent scenario, in which Orochi has finally obtained the blood of the dragon and is busy descending on the Mist Isle with evil intentions. Advent takes place in Season 2, Chapter 3.

Kagura is a modestbut still badassLegendary hero belonging to the Support class, while Ruri, also a Legendary grade hero, is a Ranged sharpshooter. Ruri is also available through the 300 Days Carnival Event.

Along with the Advent scenario, there is a new PvP type called Tag Matches, which are similar to regular 3v3 matches except for one single twist: Tag Match involves an epic battle between multiple teams. Players may choose and ban heroes, limiting certain units to seasons of rest.

Infernal Lands is a new eight-player Raid Dungeon that sees you waving into battle in exchange for a Sun Stone, which you may use to summon Legendary+ equipment.

Now let's take a look at the three different events that will take place on August 17. The 300 Days Carnival Event, which allows you to claim Sharpshooter Ruri and a fistful of Summon and Selection tickets, will run until November 9.

For two weeks in a row, you'll earn a Rare+ Noho Pet during the check-in event. It ends on September 7. And lastly, the Summer Tube Craft Event allows you to win Summer Tube Irin Coin and Richel Coin until August 31.

Seven Knights 2 is available for free on Google Play or the App Store, so you may get involved.