In Tribes of Midgard, How to Get Small Bones

In Tribes of Midgard, How to Get Small Bones ...

You must farm Goblin enemies to get small bones in Tribes of Midgard. These small bones may be used later in various crafting recipes when killing goblins in the game. These goblins may be found only in the biomeLand of Poolsand in theSmokey Highland biomes.

The Land of Pools biome is usually the first area next to the Ash Beach biome you encounter after the Bright forest, but it's not a problem to find it. In short, the Smokey Highlands looks like a desert and usuallyspawns far from the Bright Forest but remains relatively close to the Land of Pools biomes.

You may farm small bones from various camps scattered across the biome once you have found either region in the game. You can also find plenty of goblins to kill that are roaming the area. We recommend starting early on as larger camps will require higher power levels.

In Tribes of Midgard, there are other sources of small bones.

Tribes of Midgard can also be farmable Skeleton remains in the Glacier Peaks and Smokey Highland biomes by killing Goblins. We recommend using a higher tier pickaxe to get the most bones as possible.

How to use Small Bones in Tribes of Midgard

Small Bones can be used to create various weapons, such as the Hersir Sword 3 or Hersir Armor set. Both items are recommended as good weapons and armor sets for advancing from lower tier levels in Tribes of Midgard.