In Tribes of Midgard, how do you obtain and use venes?

In Tribes of Midgard, how do you obtain and use venes? ...

If you want vines in Tribes of Midgard, you must go to the Smokey Highland area in the game and collect them from the ground. Vines are easily found when you look in the Smokey Highlands. However, you must ensure that you are protected from heat.

If you want to survive the Smokey Highlands biome, we recommend making potions, since armor can take a lot of time in Saga mode. However, you can make Heatproof Elixirs by getting mullein spices and seaweed.

In Tribes of Midgard, how do you make heatproof Elixirs?

In Tribes of Midgard, you may obtain the mullen spices you need from plants that spawn inside the Ash Beach biome. You may also find seaweed you need along the shore of the Ash Beach Biome.

Frozen Spruce Syrup is required to go to the Glacier Peaks biome, but Glacier Peaks does have its own environmental hazards, so it might be better to avoid getting Frozen Spruce Syrup if you can find Frozen Spruce trees inside the biome.

Depending on which Heatproof Elixir you want to make, you will require two Mullen spices and one Seaweed. For the better version of the Heatproof Elixir (Heatproof Elixir 2), you will need three Mullen spices, two Seaweed, and one Frozen Spruce Syrup.

How to use vines in Tribes of Midgard

Once you have acquired vines, you may use them to make the Fenrir armor set, which is unlocked when you complete season rewards and the second version of Coldproof Elixirs.