Theme of Tears of Themis Revisiting Youth is a jigsaw puzzle event guide

Theme of Tears of Themis Revisiting Youth is a jigsaw puzzle event guide ...

The first part of the Tears of Themis Revisiting Youth event will focus on the male lead in their school years. During this period, you may complete event tasks to collect jigsaw Puzzle Pieces to illustrate a work and receive rewards in return, so don't wait till the last minute to begin.

In Tears of Themis, Revising Youth is a jigsaw puzzle guide.

To participate in the event, go to the event menu and select Revisiting Youth. Click on theObtain Tokens button to see the list of daily and event one-time tasks. This indicates how long it may take to complete them. Daily tasks expireafter the server resets and refreshes the next day. Try prioritizing them throughout the event.

Completing tasks will earn you a token called Youthful Paper Plane. Once you've collected 15 Youthful Paper Planes, click Convert pieces to get a jigsaw Puzzle Piece in return. Sometimes you'll get five duplicates. A new Puzzle Piece will appear on the bottom left of the event page.

After placing five to 25 unique Puzzle Pieces on the board, click and drag the puzzle piece to its corresponding position on the board. The final image is a blurry outline, so this is fairly straightforward!

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