In Tower of Fantasy, how do I get Type V armor?

In Tower of Fantasy, how do I get Type V armor? ...

In Tower of Fantasy, there are a number of Relics to acquire. Many of these Relics are used to explore the world, while others are used in combat. Many of these Relics are obtained by completing Ruins, exploring, and other activities.

In Tower of Fantasy, how do I unlock the Type V armor?

To unlock the Type V Armor Relic in Tower of Fantasy, you must explore the Crownregion and collect exploration points. Specifically, you must earn1050 exploration points in this region. Open the map and click the Crown button at the bottom.

What is the Type V Armor, and what does it do in Tower of Fantasy?

The Type V Armor is a SSR Relic used in combat and is easily one of the best in the game. You are immune to stun and have powerful rifles to shoot your enemies with when your character is gone.

Tower of Fantasy's How to Get Exploration Points

There are various ways to get exploration points in Crown. Most of your exploration points will simply come from exploring and discovering new exploration points. Some are more difficult to find, and getting enough points for the Type V Armor might take some time.

  • Opening Supply Pods for the first time
  • Completing Exploration Points
  • World Exploration
  • Completing Ruins
  • Scenic Points
  • Spacerifts
  • Omnium Tower