Codes for the Roblox Anime Wrecking Simulator (August 2022)

Codes for the Roblox Anime Wrecking Simulator (August 2022) ...

Toad Sage, Naruto, Adult Gon, and Hisoka from Hunter X Hunter are all there to help you destroy random objects in this anime Wrecking Simulator! Coins and Gems are used to upgrade your crossbow and purchase anime pets, which will increase your damage!

Our Roblox Anime Wrecking Simulator codes will give you a helping hand in completing the following tasks and unlocking more anime pets! Gem and Coin boosters increase the amount of coins/gems you can get by destroying items.

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All Anime Wrecking Simulator Codes List

Updated on August 18, 2022

A new code has been added.

  • QUESTSRedeem for a Double Coins Boost (New)
  • AUGUSTRedeem for a Double Gems Boost
  • HYPERedeem for a Pet
  • 45KLIKESRedeem for a Boost
  • 40KLIKESRedeem for a Double Gems Boost
  • spaceRedeem for a Damage Boost
  • 30KLIKESRedeem for free rewards
  • ANIMERedeem for a Gem Boost
  • DAY2Redeem for a Coin Boost

These Anime Wrecking Simulator codes are no longer valid.

  • 20KLIKESRedeem for a Gem Boost
  • ShoutoutJadRedeem for a Gem Boost
  • 10KLIKESRedeem for a Damage Boost
  • 1KLIKES!Redeem for 10k Coins

Frequently Asked Questions in the Anime Wrecking Simulator

In Anime Wrecking Simulator, it's simple to redeem free rewards. Follow the instructions below to do so.

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Codes in the Anime Wrecking Simulator can give you specific boosts to boost how much of that type of currency you acquire. So if you use a code for Coin Boost, it will increase the amount of coins you earn for smashing objects!

On the rare occasion, you may obtain instant coins to go and upgrade your weapons and pets immediately.

If your Anime Wrecking Simulator codes aren't working, there may be many reasons. The most common is that the code has been typed/copied/pasted incorrectly. Always ensure that the code is copied exactly as it is in the working section above. This includes punctuation and capitalization.

Another reason why a code might not work is that the code has expired. Codes can stop working in a matter of hours, days, or weeks. We have no control over when this happens. If you happen to use a code that's expired in our working list, please let us know so we may move it to the correct section.

What is Anime Wrecking Simulator?

The Anime Wrecking Simulator is all about automatically destroying objects in different anime-themed areas while collecting Coins and Gems that drop from them. These currencies can be used to upgrade your weapon, buy new anime pets that will increase your total damage, or take on items that have a higher HP to increase the rewards that drop.

Do this many times, unlock new anime pets, upgrade your weapon to become more destructive and advanced, and be the best you can be!

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