Roblox Doors: How to Get Rid of Seek

Roblox Doors: How to Get Rid of Seek ...

It's important to understand how to survive 11 unique entities inside the horror/survival-style experienceDoors. One of these entities,Seek, can be a bit intimidating and somewhat frustrating to escape. We've compiled a brief guide below that explains all you need to know about this quick-running monster.

Seek tips and tricks

Seek is one of 11 entities that are trapped inside The Hotel. This entity is made up of apparently-sentient black slime and can summon hundreds of eyeballs to disturb and distract its prey before attacking. Once Seek has you in its sights, it will not give up chasing you until it kills you.

Players will be confronted with Seek twice inside The Hotel, the first time between doors 30 through 45, and the second time between doors 80 and 95. Before Seek spawns, players will begin seeing strange eyeballs on the walls around them.

Seek will begin chasing players down a long hallway and through numerous doors when you walk through a numbered door. Keep an eye on white sparkles as you go.

No need to useCorShiftto crouch during this running sequence: if you climb a path that requires you to crawl, your character will automatically do so; touching the chandeliers will take 40 HP, and the hands will immediately insta-kill you.

The best advice we can offer is never to give up on moving forward and to move your camera as fast as possible. The faster you discover the sparkles, the quicker you can escape!

The door behind you will lock in Seek's face, trapping it outside, then continue through the next numbered door and toward the exit of The Hotel. Be prepared to outrun Seek twice!

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