How to Increase Vitality in the Tower of Fantasy

How to Increase Vitality in the Tower of Fantasy ...

Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play gacha game that includes in-game mechanics that may encourage players to spend their money for a boost to their account or quick progression. One of these mechanics is the Vitality system. You'll need to think carefully about how to spend this resource and whether or not it's worthwhile to spend more.

How to purchase Vitality

The Shop has a shop menu, which allows players to see the shopfront icon on the main game screen. This helps restore 60 Vitality units. Other items that you may purchase with them include gold, a player's MC item, and vouchers for the gacha system.

What is Vitality?

When a player reaches level 20, Vitality is given 180 units of Vitality to begin with. Vitality may be used to earn rewards after finishing certain PvE items. (Sound familiar?) It will continue to regenerate as long as you have not reached 180 units stored.

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