Fall Guys: 11 of the Best Patterns

Fall Guys: 11 of the Best Patterns ...

Fall Guys is a battle royale game that features random races and other mini-games that are filled with laughter and fun. Everyone races their character while trying not to get eliminated so you can win the game and unlock new items and customizations.


The epic rarity pattern used in the fourth season of Scanlines was one of the more difficult to obtain. Its thin and thick lines may seem trivial but make up an intricate pattern that spells out "Fall Guys" across your character's body. This is one of the finest because of its rarity and simplicity, and one of the finest to see in any color.


The unique Hoodie pattern was part of the first season and cost 300 Show-Bucks to acquire. It covers the whole half of your character with the hood tied over the head and a nice bow to tie off the neck, as well. Like the T-Shirt and other top patterns, it's a whole outfit on its own.

Pop Art

This Andy Warhol-styled pattern is a Crown Rank pattern, which is quite rare to obtain, and there's no denying that it's a fantastic achievement, worth 339 Crowns. This is one of the finest gradients and patterns overall because it's art.


Clouds is a rare feature that was unlocked during the first season of 300 Show-Bucks. Although it may seem simple, its billowy clouds extend across your character's entire body in an almost Japanese style of art, creating an elegant style. This will look great in any color, but white might take those fluffy clouds to the next level.


The avocado is the perfect egg-like avocado shape, so it's only appropriate that this is the best pattern for the first season. It's also possible that this pattern was completely free for all players upon reaching level 81 of the season pass. This pattern will likely be more noticeable if colored in greens. Otherwise, it might look like the egg pattern.


The Undies pattern is not only a comical option, but also one of the best patterns because of its outfit quality. It was released as a limited edition during the Season 1 Pass, so if you don't have the funds to get an outfit for your character, this is all you'd need.

Wave Gradient

Wave Gradient is one of the coolest with its innovative and stunning qualities. It appears like a wave washing over the shore or paint falling from top to bottom of your character. Of course, with its gradient appearance, the colors blend nicely together, no matter what the use.

Shake & Swirl

The Shake & Swirl is a rare season 1 pass pattern that rewards you for reaching level 74 on the Season 1 Pass. It's a swirl of colors that join together in the back to reveal a frosty shake, but it's nonetheless a fantastic summer pattern.


In Season 3, you will be able to attain the cozy Knitted pattern by reaching level 25. This appears to be a fluffy sweater body suit that is great for winter or Christmas. Use it anytime for that jolly look.


Despite being only a few hundred show-bucks, the Skelly is another of the best patterns. This pattern looks great in any color you want, but black and white would make for the best spooky, scary skeleton pattern.

Sprinkle Top

The Sprinkle Top pattern is the ideal sweet design for your character, available when you reach level 65 of Season 1 Pass. The top of your character is a solid color that gradually fades into tiny sprinkles streaming down the rest of your character's body. Alter the colors to make your own.

These are just a few of the most flattering and sweetest patterns for your characters. Many more are available through the game's Shop or Season Pass, and more are constantly being added as the game develops. Tell us which ones you think are the best!

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