The Best Bunker Locations in GTA Online

The Best Bunker Locations in GTA Online ...

The purchase of a bunker is extremely essential, and it is the first step players will need to take to enter the gunrunning business in Los Santos. However, deciding which one to purchase can be difficult as it is not a small investment.

Best Bunker Locations in GTA Online

Players must be aCEO, VIP, or MC President, and they must purchase a bunker. Ranging from $1,165,000 to $4,070,000, and located all over the map, with different scenic surroundings that offer the greatest advantages, here's a helpful list of some of the greatest bunker locations in GTA Online.

The remote Lago Zancudo Bunker, priced at $11,550,000, is located near the Los Santos and Blaine County lines but it is still a safe distance away from high traffic areas. It's adjacent to an expansive coastal shore that's ideal forspawning jets and is a short drive from Fort Zancudo.

The second cheapest bunker in the game is the Raton Canyon Bunker, which is one of the best bunkers for gamers to start their Gunrunning Business in. This bunker is situated in the Central region of the map, between theCalafia Road bridge and the Calafia Train bridge, and it is extremely remote. There arenno towns nearby, leaving players in complete isolation, with no chance to encounter intrusions.

The Chumash Bunker, which is priced at $1,650,000 and located near the city of Los Santos, is one of GTA Online's most desirable bunkers for its price and location. There is a barbershop, a tattoo shop, and a clothing store near Dell Perro Beach and Rockford Hill, both of which have easy-targeted individuals who will not steal expensive automobiles.

The Route 68 Bunker is located just West of the airport, near mission locations and other activities, and it is considered a popular destination for others to go looking for.

The most expensive bunker in the game has to be the best bunker of all time... right? Most gamers disregard this bunker because of its price and popularity, but why should you be afraid of challenges in video games? Save that for real life, and push it to the limit in GTA Online.

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