In Tribes of Midgard Survival Mode, how do you make cut stone?

In Tribes of Midgard Survival Mode, how do you make cut stone? ...

TheAllforge is required to be placed first in Tribes of Midgard's new Survival Mode. You can find it by opening the build menu and selecting it from the list of constructions. Once you have placed and built the Allforge, you must open it up and build a new station known as a Lumbering Stand.

  • 12 Branches:You can get branches by chopping trees or picking up branches on the ground.
  • Eight Flint:You can get flint by harvesting flint deposits or mining stone deposits
  • Four Wood:You can get wood by chopping down trees in Tribes of Midgard.

Once you have made the Lumber Stand, you must close the stand and open it again in the Menu. A second station, called a Mining Stand, will allow you to craft all Mineral related materials, including wrought iron and cut stone.

  • Eight Stone:You can get stone from mining stone deposits in most biomes.
  • Four Iron:You can get iron from mining iron deposits in most biomes.

Place the Mining Stand on the ground near your base and open it up. Inside the Mining Stand, you may craft cut stone at a rate ofeight stone and six flintforone cut stone.

In Tribes of Midgard Survival mode, how do I use cut stone?

In Tribes of Midgard, cut stone is a scarce resource that is seldom used for anything other than building upgrades. However, in Survival mode, you will need cut stone to upgrade most of your crafting stations to advanced levels.