Roblox Wacky Wizards' How to Get the Pencil Ingredient

Roblox Wacky Wizards' How to Get the Pencil Ingredient ...

Is it already back-to-school season? Wacky Wizardssays so! Continue reading the brief article below to discover how to unlock the Pencil ingredient and all seven of its pencil-themed substances.

Wacky Wizards' Secrets

Make your way to the Goblin Village when you've spawned into Wacky Wizards. Remember where we unlocked theFrog ingredient!

The Pencil ingredient is hidden within the Goblin Village. Go to the tent that Vegan Goblin and Short Goblin are standing in front of to find it.

The Pencil ingredient is hidden inside the tent's main stake.

Simply teleport back to your cauldron, toss the ingredient inside, and press theSpawnbutton to begin brewing. After only a few seconds, thePencilpotion should appear.

Pencil potion list

All of the currently known Pencil potions are listed below.

612PencilPencilBecome a pencil
613EraserPencil + ChameleonBecome an eraser
614Eraser-gunPencil + Chameleon + PaintbrushGet an eraser gun
615Hover-pencilPencil + FairyPencil hoverboard!
616Pencil-legsPencil + Giraffe HoofGet pencil legs!
617Pencil-noodle-armsPencil + Pool NoodleGet pencil arms!
618Pencil-swordPencil + ShieldGet pencil sword!

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