Where can I find Cocoa Beans in Tower of Fantasy?

Where can I find Cocoa Beans in Tower of Fantasy? ...

Tower of Fantasy is an open-world game stuffed to the brim with things to do and collect. Many of the resources you collect are used to prepare cooking recipes. Cooking allows you to regain health, energy, and stamina. Some ingredients you can find in Tower of Fantasy include laver, electric eels, and Cocoa Beans.

All Cocoa Beans locations in Tower of Fantasy

Check out the interactive map for Tower of Fantasy for a specific resource. Cocoa Beans may be found in the locations below.

How to get Cocoa Beans in Tower of Fantasy

Cocoa Beans are a rare ingredient that is mostly found in the thenorthregion ofNavia, particularly to the west of Cetus Island. They are difficult to spot due to their small size and their inability to blend in with the ground. Once you have found them, simply click the interact button to collect them.

In Tower of Fantasy, what to do with cocoa beans

Cocoa Beans are an ingredient used in cooking dishes. While you should cook them to enhance the benefits of Cocoa Beans, you can eat them raw. Cocoa Beans are highly beneficial for the health of the animal. They help retain 2 Satiety, thus, making it worthwhile to consume them without cooking them.