After his fight with Teresa Giudice, Caroline Manzo comments on Joe Gorgas' post

After his fight with Teresa Giudice, Caroline Manzo comments on Joe Gorgas' post ...

Caroline Manzo is back in the Gorga group of actors in a strange way.

The former Real Housewives of New Jersey star saw something that Joe Gorga posted on Instagram and decided to leave a comment. Long time RHONJ followers found the timing of the tweet interesting; it came just days after Gorga and his wife decided to skip the wedding of Teresa Giudice and Louie Ruelas.

According to People magazine, the Gorgas missed the wedding due to a fight that occurred during the premiere of the season 13 of RHONJ, which made Manzo's comment on Gorgas' tweet stand out. Many fans have reacted on social media.

Here's all you need to know about it:

Manzo & Her Daughter Commented on Gorgas Post

Joe Gorga's tweet (@joeygorga) is a response to a recent post.

Gorga commemorated his 17th birthday on August 12, 2022. On her special day, Antonia Gorga took her driving exam. Joe shared a photo of it on Instagram.

A daughter may grow your lap, but she will never steal your heart. he captioned his message. In one of the videos he shared, Joe was walking next to Antonia's car.

Antonia covered her face, asking her dad to stop as she was becoming embarrassed. He went on to film Antonia taking her test, watching from the sidelines like a proud dad. After Antonia passed, she was subjected to more embarrassment from her father.

Joe sang as Antonia tried to conceal her face. You got your license, you got your license.

Antonia was congratulated and wish her a happy birthday in the comments section of the post, but there was one word that stood out among the others, and that was written by Manzo.

Antonia's response was profound. She was so kind and thoughtful. Manzo wrote a blog. More than 450 people liked Manzo's contribution. Her daughter Lauren Manzo also stopped by to leave a comment.

I was devastated when I saw this. I remember when she was Markies age. I loved it! Congratulations Antonia!

Fans Reacted to Manzos Comment on Reddit

Caroline Manzo (@carolinemanzo) has shared a post.

Caroline and Laurens' comments on Joes' post definitely sparked discussion. Someone shared a screenshot of their comments on Reddit, and a conversation ensued.

Any foe of my sister is a friend of mine -Joe and Melissa, one person commented on the thread.

Someone else suggested that this seemed to be a coordinated effort for a narrative around the Manzos.

Ohhh now theyre gonna make friends with the Manzos just to spite Teresa if that doesnt prove how manipulative and conniving they are idk what will they actively seek out Teresas enemies its not the first time either, a third comment read.

Just when I thought Caroline & Lauren had vanished forever, they rear their ugly little heads, another Redditor said.

Caroline and Joe had a real connection in a way, and I think Caroline has always felt bad for him and understands who Teresa is. So it is wonderful to see them supporting their daughter, she is only a young girl and this is all about her in the end, according to a fifth Redditor.