45-year-old popular DWTS cast member declares she wants a child

45-year-old popular DWTS cast member declares she wants a child ...

Is it possible that another Dancing With the Stars alumni will soon be expecting a child?

Tamar Braxton, who won a season 21 championship with Pro Val Chmerkovskiy, recently tweeted that she wants to have another child. On July 31, 2022, she said, I want a baby. She has previously stated that she wants to have another child.

Braxton has dropped out of her son's father Vincent Herbert, whom she was married to from 2008 to 2019. At the time, she does not appear to be dating anyone at the moment. In 2018, she went public with a guy on Instagram, but she has since deleted the post.

Braxton has stated that she has three embryos on ice, all of whom have the same biological father as her son.

Here's all you need to know about it:

Braxton has been open about wanting another child.

Tamar Estine (@tamarbraxton) has shared a link to his blog.

Braxton has said that she wants to expand her family for the first time. According to BETs Raq Rants, the Celebrity Big Brother star has options when the time comes.

According to TV One, I still have three kids in the freezer. Two boys and a girl. Vince is the father of all three of them on the show in 2019.

She explained that she has had fertility difficulties in the past, but that she is still considering giving a pregnancy another try.

I'm not sure how they'll get here, but I'd like to see more. I've had infertility issues before, but I didn't know it. Logan is my miracle baby. I went through IVF and didn't have to use my embryos until she told me. I got pregnant right after.

Braxton has been on a tour around the country and has more than a handful of planned shows planned till November 2022.

Braxtons tweet about wanting to have another baby reacted positively to fans.

Tamar Estine's tweet (@tamarbraxton) is the subject of a post.

Braxton's followers appeared to have mixed reactions to her post. While many people wish her to have a successful pregnancy, others are looking forward to her releasing new music, and she did so in subsequent tweets.

Im hoping you and Vince will decide to give Logan a younger brother, according to one tweet.

Babies never grow up too quickly, leaving you with no child all over again, according to another person.

A third Twitter user jokingly said, "You better give birth to that album on the 1st."

You deserve bigger children, because you are financially successful. Dont think you need to be married to have children. Go forth and multiply, another person tweeted.

Im waiting for a twerk album from you, a tweet reads.

I wouldnt mind if you had another kid, but I want the new music, said another fan.