Fans Blast a MTV Star Over A Deleted Native American Post

Fans Blast a MTV Star Over A Deleted Native American Post ...

Madisen Beith, a Teen Mom star, has gotten social media users talking about her on Reddit after she answered some questions from her followers.

Beith was asked about her boyfriend, Christian Wilson's nationality. The couple have one daughter, Camille, who is 2-years-old.

Camille's father is of what nationality? the fan wanted to know.

Beith, 20, answered, "Well, he was born in the United States, but he is a Native American."

Hundreds of votes and criticism have been voiced in a thread about Beith's shady behavior in which she mistook nationality for ethnicity.

What is the place where she believes Native Americans originated? One individual wanted to know.

Others questioned whether the person who asked the question was talking about Christians. I think it's because most people don't know how to correctly ask what race a person is.

Several people claimed that it is common for Southern Americans to believe they have indigenous heritage. Every southern person believes they are Native American. Go here. It's a myth of white supremacy, according to others.

Beith deleted the post, but it was preserved via a screenshot shared on Reddit. At the time this article was published, the thread had received more than 500 upvotes and over 300 comments.

Beith Gets Into a Fight With Rachel Beaver

MTV showed Beith and Rachel Beaver, her co-star in the next episode of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant.

Except for Beith expressing several apologies to Beaver, it was unclear what went down.

Can you give up a little bit more on the conflict between you and Rachel next week? A fan asked.

Another wanted to know why you got mad at Rachel. They show a sneak peek at you yelling at her.

According to a screenshot shared by Teen Mom Tea, I was asked to offer Rachel some advice. She said she didn't like the advice, and Beith replied.She said something along the lines of her daughter was hungry and she didn't have time for filming so I suggested that she get your kid and go if she's hungry.

Beith Suffered a Miscarriage

Teen Mom shares a comment on his blog (@teenmom.tea)

Beith's part of the Young & Pregnant season was related to the miscarriage she suffered and how she felt like her father, Nick Beith, did not support her.

Beith, 19, wrote via Instagram, as captured byTeen Mom Shade Room, saying, "I never wanted my dad to grieve, I never just wanted to be shown sympathy." All I wanted was a hug, and maybe it will all be fine bc he's my DAD." +this was the first conversation I had with him after the miscarriage.

He explained to me that he was not there for me, that is why I walked off, she continued. Obviously, I knew it was for the best. However, you do not disclose this information until later. It is very insensitive.

Nick Beith was attempting to persuade her daughter that she should not be pregnant again at the appropriate time, but she did not want to discuss birth control with her father.

Beith was unfavorable during the birth control conversation, stating that she was not using condoms or taking the medication, and that she was not concerned about getting pregnant a third time.

I just had a miscarriage. She said I was disinterested in talking to them about everything. Especially when she said I already had help from them on the other side. I was hurt and my hormones were still out of balance. You live and you learn.

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant is available on MTV Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.