Sean and Catherine Lowe Discuss a Critical Family Event

Sean and Catherine Lowe Discuss a Critical Family Event ...

Sean and Catherine Lowe are still the most popular couples in the Bachelor franchise, and fans continue to adore them. At this point, Sean remains the only Bachelor lead to marry his final rose recipient, and they currently reside in Dallas, Texas, with their three children. This week, their oldest child was revealed.

Here's all you need to know about it:

Sean & Catherines Son Started Kindergarten

Sean Lowe (@seanloweksu) has shared a post.

Both Bachelor stars posted photos on Instagram of their son, Samuel, standing outside their new house. Sean wrote, "I hope he enjoys every day of school!" Samuel wore khaki shorts, a white T-shirt, and white Nike sneakers for his first kindergarten debut.

Naturally, The Bachelor admirers gushed over the cute snapshot. So grown up! He's going to be on the bachelor in 2038, according to one person.

He's a cutie! We hope he has a great day! Regarding white shoes and shirt, very optimistic! another supporter teased.

He's so quickly developing and looks stunning! Someone else denied it.

Samuel was surrounded by his family while he went to school.

Catherine (Giudici) Lowe (@catherinegiudici) has shared a post.

Catherine shared more images of Samuel's big adventure on her Instagram page. The first picture was also of Samuel standing on the steps near the front door, but this time his backpack was on the ground, and he held a sign indicating that it was his first day of kindergarten. Sean and Samuels little brother, Isaiah, walked just ahead of Catherine and the excited, new student.

The students had a warm welcome when they arrived at the school. The school mascot was visible as well, and Catherine shared another sweet photo of her hugging Samuel in a place with all the school decorations on the first day of school.

Sean is expected to have the best year, according to Samuel's aunt, Shay Shull. When Sean was first announced on Emily Maynards season of The Bachelorette, Shull revealed on her blog that Andrew, her husband.

Catherine's post prompted plenty of responses from Bachelor followers.

Eeeek, the hand-holdinghes are just the sweetest! Mama, soak it all in! gushed one person.

Another fan commented on Omgg Isaiah hugging him.

Someone else confessed that I can't handle the cuteness of it all.

Sean and Catherine appeared to be all smiles as they led their first-born child to his first official kindergarten day, and The Bachelor's followers loved being included in the big event.