Cole DeBoer and Aubree share an adorable bonding moment, according to a video from the same day

Cole DeBoer and Aubree share an adorable bonding moment, according to a video from the same day ...

Chelsea Houska DeBoer, a rising reality television star, first rose to fame when she appeared on 16 & Pregnant. In the years since, Chelsea has married Cole DeBoer, and they have added three more children to the family. It's understandable the two have similar senses of humor.

Here's all you need to know about it:

The Duo Embraced a Popular TikTok Trend

Nightime goofin #fyp #foryou #alive #dead #goofin #father #daughter #tiktok

On tiktok Impetuous_93, this sound belongs to Impetuous_93.

Cole and Aubree shared a new video on his TikTok page on August 17, and he added a string of hashtags, including ones for both father and daughter, to the short 8-second segment. They played dead, shared goofy looks, ran across the living room, and packed a few other moves into the video.

The TikTok video received more than 1.4 million views and 126,000 likes in just 14 hours. Although there were no comments for the video, Teen Mom followers agreed that they loved the fun part. The video was shared in the Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 sub sub on Reddit by a number of commenters.

One person asked why Cole declined to answer the questions, and another replied, Most likely because Aubree is involved in the conversation. People have said some really nasty things about Aubree since she was young. Chelsea has been known to make cruel comments in the past.

Aubree has Cole in her life, according to two Teen Mom fans.

Cole DeBoer (@coledeboer) has shared a tweet.

Other Teen Mom followers expressed their support for the couple and the fun social media post.

It appears to be they're having a good time. One fan commented.

I love that they do these together, they just seem like a fun little family and Im always interested in it! another shared.

This TikTok is quite funny, as has been attributed to a different person.

Aubree's hair was highlighted earlier this week by a fan, who said her hair is all chelsea.

I say it every time a tik tok is posted, but im so glad Aubree has Cole to do silly stuff with, according to a different Redditor. That same commenter stated that Aubree's biological father, Adam Lind, would be far less interested in participating in these kinds of videos.

Im so glad she [got] a decent father figure in the end, and that other Teen Mom fan is also a fan.

Cole has stated in the past that he would like to officially adopt Aubree, provided her biological father agreed to it. He first met the preteen when she was just 5 years old, and some time ago Chelsea submitted papers to change her name to Aubree Lind-DeBoer. Their dynamic messaging indicates that they are very close and have a lot of fun.