Demi Lovatos Email Reveals Her Desire to Be the Next Kelly Clarkson

Demi Lovatos Email Reveals Her Desire to Be the Next Kelly Clarkson ...

Demi Lovato has been vocal about her love of Kelly Clarkson over the years. In a new interview, she revealed something that demonstrates how much she wanted to follow the first-ever American Idol winner.

Jimmy Fallon made three consecutive nights of appearances on The Tonight Show to promote her new HOLY FVCK album and concert tour on August 16, 2022. During an interview in which Fallon asked about her youth, the singer offered some insightful insights on her dreams of becoming a professional musician.

Lovato claims that an older email demonstrates her love for Kelly Clarkson.

Lovato told Fallon in a sit-down interview on August 17 that the first time she performed onstage was when she was 5 years old, when she covered Celine Dions' hit song My Heart Will Go On.

According to Biography, Lovato went on to win several talent awards, and at the age of 10, she landed a role on the children's television show Barney & Friends.

Kelly Clarkson, 20, was becoming a household name on the first season of American Idol in 2002, and Lovato remembers wanting to grow up to be like her.

I remember seeing her on American Idol and just being so inspired by her, she told Fallon.

Lovato revealed a fresh fact, that while she is well-known for being a fan of Kelly Clarkson, she has always desired to be the next Kelly Clarkson.

She revealed that my email address when I was young was, which made Fallon laugh.

Lovato, who turns 30 on August 20, said she believed Clarkson so much that it was very meaningful when the megastar performed a cover of Lovatos 2020 hit, Any, on her talk show.

For her to cover my song years later was such a complete circle moment, because I used to cover her songs when I was younger as well, she said.

At the age of 13, Fallon showed footage of Lovato singing Clarksons 2003 hit, The Trouble With Love Is.Blown away by hearing her powerful voice at such a young age, Fallon exclaimed, Come on! You have the gift!

In 2020, Lovato told Clarkson why she wanted to be like her.

Lovato's fascination with Clarkson while growing up was more than just wanting to be famous or have a voice. In fact, in a 2020 appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Lovato explained how much she meant to her growing up.

If I hadn't had you to look up to, I'd be the first idol that I ever had, Lovato told her. I wouldn't be the artist, or the person, I'd be the artist, or even the person.

Lovato continued, I admired you as my idol growing up. You are brave and courageous and real as f***, and I love that about you. And whenever I think to myself, like when I was younger, I always said to myself, if I ever succeed, I want to be like her, because she's real and genuine.

Lovatos' admission shook Clarkson's confidence, but she reminded her that she does not always feel strong or courageous.

'I'm not always the time,' she told Lovato. It takes effort. That's the thing, I think everybody looks at us, like even when you overcome something, they're like, okay, she's already overcome that, and you're like, no, that's a daily effort in trying to be positive.'

Both singers have spoken forth about facing huge obstacles in their lives. Clarkson has recently been embroiled in lawsuits with her ex-husband and management company, while Lovato completed a new rehab program in January 2022, three years after an overdose.

Lovato has recently announced a change in the pronouns she uses. After introducing herself as non-binary in 2021 and preferring the pronouns they/them, the performer says she is also comfortable with being addressed as she/her.