The Bethesdas apocalypse RPG now has DLC-style content

The Bethesdas apocalypse RPG now has DLC-style content ...

The irradiated Commonwealth will be bolstered by a new Fallout 4 mod, which adds new creatures, monsters, and crafting options while we wait for the elusive Starfield release date.

Mutant Menagerie has been in the works for some time, and has previously received iterations that included over 32 new species and enemies to Fallout 4's general Commonwealth region. From passive but terrifying skinless goats to bizarre molerat/raccoon hybrids, the mods' original release, Big Game Hunting, provided numerous new threats to the role-playing game.

The latest version, however, is even more comprehensive, bringing new, huntable animals to the final Fallout 4 expansion, Nuka World. There are gigantic tropical birds, wild, tumorous zebras, and a terrifying, nuclear elephant. Make sure you have power armor and a Fatman if you want to mount it above the fire.

Nuclear Safari is the final episode of the mod, which includes a variety of new crafting techniques and Fallout 76-style world bosses. These unique encounters are designed to be 50% higher than your character, and they only spawn once, according to Delicon20. Taking most of them on before at least level 70 is not recommended, according to the mod's creator.

Nuclear Safari and the previous Mutant Menagerie episodes are all available for download from Nexus Mods. If youre interested in the apocalyptic RPG series, you might want to investigate everything we know so far about the Fallout 5 release date and single player. Otherwise, we've all been waiting for the next big Bethesda adventure, and you can find out everything about Starfield cities, Starfield guns, and Starfield character creation.