The release date for Dead Island 2 suggests that the zombie game is still alive

The release date for Dead Island 2 suggests that the zombie game is still alive ...

Dead Island 2's inclusion on Amazon marks the latest time the zombie game has burst a dishevelled arm through the upcoming games calendar, and suggests that it might be released as soon as February 2023. Publisher THQ Nordic and its parent company Embracer Group have repeatedly stated that Dead Island 2 is still in development following its disappearance in 2014.

The game has changed its developers many times since then, and early this year, Embracer CEO Lars Wingefors hinted that the game might arrive by the end of the current financial year (which ends at the end of March 2023). Now, a brand new Amazon listing highlighted by Twitter user Wario64 suggests that the game may be released on February 3, 2023.

Dead Island 2 will be an Epic Games store exclusive following the Saints Row reboot, which will be released as a timed exclusive on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles.

Dead Island 2 is a thrilling first-person action RPG that takes players across the iconic, gore-drenched Los Angeles, according to the page. Six playable characters will be included, with full customisable abilities, and the ability to re-spec your abilities instantly.

Dambuster, an internal studio of Embracer and THQ Nordic subsidiary Deep Silver, is currently in the hands of the game. Most recently, the games 2014 trailer, which saw a figure jogging down a beautiful boardwalk populated with zombies, was presented at Summer Game Fest 2022 to launch the much-anticipated sequel Goat Simulator 3.

If you're looking for more zombie action, it's likely that Dead Island 2 will be released sooner rather than later. However, with how often this project has been pushed back, we won't count our zombie chickens until they've been hatched. In the meantime, new Dying Light 2 DLC adds Mad Max brawls to the FPS game.