Ravenholm is beaten by Half-Life 2 speedrun in almost two and a half minutes

Ravenholm is beaten by Half-Life 2 speedrun in almost two and a half minutes ...

The iconic and terrifying Ravenholm level from the Valves sci-fi FPS has been defeated in only over two and a half minutes, giving us time to check Steam and see if there is still a Half-Life 3.

Ravenholm is perhaps the standout level in the 2004 Half-Life sequel because of its dark, atmospheric, and every new room and area seems to bring with it the many horrors of the maybe two dozen times Ive finished Half-Life 2. But perhaps that's the wrong approach: speedrunner Jokko has an innovative method of avoiding Ravenholm's many terrors by simply sprinting, jumping, and bugging their way past everything in less time than it takes to boil a kettle.

The new world record belongs to a rather exclusive and challenging Half-Life 2 speedrun category, in which players modify the game's twitchier, more responsive, and seemingly quicker movement methods to fit into the sequel, such as dragging an explosive barrel through most of the level, blowing it up with the gravity gun, and launching Gordon Freeman halfway across the map.

Jokko sets a new record, which was held by Ukrainian runner FAIT_qq, by an incredible 4 seconds. It's yet another chapter in Half-Lifes legendary speedrun history, which saw the entirety of the original game defeated in just 26 minutes earlier this year.

The Valve FPS was recently joined by Half-Life gamers to set a new world record by pushing the Steam concurrent user count to new highs. As we consider whatever happened to Half-Life 3, there's more 90s shooter news, as the original Doom now has fully-3D monsters thanks to an ambitious new mod.