Animals in the Cult of the Lamb want to eat poo, and that's fine

Animals in the Cult of the Lamb want to eat poo, and that's fine ...

The Lamb poo obsession is an unusual one, and its yet another feature that makes it one of 2022's greatest roguelike games. Devolver have actually done a fantastic job of demonstrating how to lead an animal army.

If you finish down all of the Cult of the Lamb bosses, you'll likely be turning your attention to your ever-growing following in an effort to keep them happy (and, in turn, brainwashed).

In Cult of the Lamb, certain followers have unique interactions. For instance, you can pet the dog, but this kindness does not extend to any of your other animal companions.

Nevertheless, some woodland warriors want you to satisfy their specific dietary requirements, and by that we mean their desire to, well, eat poo (and hopefully not die by natural causes, we want to sacrifice them of course). Devolver have managed to capture some of the strangest aspects of animal behavior.

Environmentalist, Dr. Ashley Conway, provides a tweet explaining the reason for this advanced meal choice. This is an excellent opportunity to remind everyone that monogastric [a stomach with only one chamber] hindgut fermenting animals like donkeys, horses, and rabbits regularly engage in coprophagy (eating their poo nuggets) in order to recapture important nutrients they missed the first time!

So basically this game looks both super cute and super accurate. Which makes my little nerd heart sing.

The reason for the game's inclusion, or whether or not the creators wanted to add something more horrifying to the already bizarre world of Cult of the Lamb, is unclear. Whether or not it was intentional, or simply wanted to add some disgusting to the already bizarre world of the game, it's unclear.

Before you dive into the chaos, be sure to check out our Cult of the Lamb beginners guide. You may also check out the Cult of the Lamb system requirements to ensure that you can also eat poo if you want to.