Exclusive Kamera to the Genshin Impact Pizza Hut collaboration

Exclusive Kamera to the Genshin Impact Pizza Hut collaboration ...

HoYoverse is partnering with another major brand for the Genshin Impact 3.0 update once again, this time with aGenshin ImpactPizza Hut collaboration. Following the KFC event from2021, fans will receive in-game rewards by participating in this event between August 29 and September 17.

All of these items may sound appealing, but there's a drawback: they can only be redeemed by Chinese servers after ordering pizza from Pizza Hut. In China.

The KFC collab began out in exactly the same way, though, before the event became more popular than anyone expected. A number of KFC establishments in China were so overcrowded that the in-person portion of the event was canceled, and the exclusive KFC glider along with other desirables were made available for players internationally through digital-only promotions.

All of this implies that the Pizza Hut collaboration may go through the same process again, but without in-store employees becoming overwhelmed all over again. Players outside of China might get access to these exclusive rewards, but through an entirely different process. If the KFC event is anything to go by, HoYoverse may decide to tie the Pizza Hut items to the Twitch stream drops again.

Players will need to purchase one of three new Genshin Impact-inspired dishes from a participating KFC in China to be awarded with the in-game items, an Amber mousepad, an Amber plate, and an Eula plate, as per Redditor's lego baguette.

The Pizza Hut collaboration will begin a few days after the Genshin Impact version 3.0 update goes live, so those of us who cannot will have new character banners and theDendro element to distract us from the FOMO.