Hackers from Tower of Fantasy have been named and shamed by the developers

Hackers from Tower of Fantasy have been named and shamed by the developers ...

The Tower of Fantasy hacker problem has erupted since the games were released, putting the game at jeopardy for players who want to just grind and pick up the finest Tower of Fantasy characters. Hotta Studio have lifted the restriction on thousands of cheating accounts, but they have also named and shamed the hackers for their breaches.

One of the downsides of online gaming is the sheer amount of hackers and cheaters who are determined to make your existence a nightmare, and, unfortunately, Tower of Fantasy has not been escaped from their grasp.

Tower of Fantasy cheaters appear to have been escaping with murder under the gaze of Hotta Studio, while players urged others not to play the game until the anti-cheat software was fixed.

The developers have overturned a whole host of Tower of Fantasy cheaters following player complaints, although thats not all. They have named and shamed them in an official blog post as well.

Hotta note: In order to ensure a fair gaming environment for all of the Wanderers in Tower of Fantasy, the Hykros Central Control Room is constantly monitoring accounts for cheating software and the use of scripts for initializing account data.

On August 16, the developers announced that 1706 accounts implicated in grave rule violations have been permanently banned.

Southeast Asia has the highest ban population of 470, followed by Europe at 442 and North America at 343. The developers then list the names of every account caught up in the sweep, adding in asterisks to protect players' identities.

Hotta has taken a significant step in establishing a public list of banned accounts, instead of merely revealing the number of cheaters. Players have asked for help, and Hotta has responded, just make sure you don't end up on future hitlists!

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