Weapon evolution for Vampire Survivors

Weapon evolution for Vampire Survivors ...

Do you want to know what all the Vampire Survivors weapon variations are? This roguelite indie game is rapidly gaining in popularity as players discover the thrill of wandering through a forest or library, killing an endless stream of creatures that just want to be right beside them.

If you dont spec into the correct build from the beginning, Vampire Survivors players will struggle to master it. Kill an elite monster and open the chest it left behind.

The items that pair well with a weapon arent necessarily the items you need to evolve them, so while youll want to get the Garlic weapon, you'll also need a Pummarola to power it up. Weve put together a list of all of the possible Vampire Survivors weapon evolutions and which items you should pick up to get the best Vampire Survivors builds.

Vampire Survivors weapon evolution combos

All of the Vampire Survivors weapon evolution combos are shown here:

  • Axe + Candelabrador Death Spiral
  • Cross + Clover Heaven Sword
  • Fire Wand + Spinach Hellfire
  • King Bible + Spellbinder Unholy Vespers
  • Knife + Bracer Thousand Edge
  • Magic Wand + Empty Tome Holy Wand
  • Whip + Hollow Heart Bloody Tear
  • Garlic + Pummarola Soul Eater
  • Santa Water + Attractorb La Borra
  • Peachone + Ebony Wings Vandalier (you can upgrade this once you get it)
  • Lightning Ring + Duplicator Thunder Loop
  • Song of Mana + Skull OManiac Mannajja
  • Pentagram + Crown Gorgeous Moon
  • Phiera Der Tuphello +Eight The Sparrow +Tiragisu Phieraggi
  • Runetracer + Armor No Future
  • Gatti Amari + Stone Mask Vicious Hunger
  • Shadow Pinion + Wings Valkyrie Turner
  • Laurel + Metaglio Left + Metaglio Right Crimson Shroud (you must level up the weapon and both items)
  • Clock Lancet + Silver Ring + Gold Ring Infinite Corridor (you must level up the weapon and both items)
  • Vento Sacro + Bloody Tear = Fuwalafuwaloo (requires evolving the whip first)
  • Bracelet = Bi-Bracelet (just requires getting to level 6 before it appears in chests)
  • Bi-Bracelet = Tri-Bracelet (just requires getting to level 6 before it appears in chests)
  • Victory Sword + Torronas Box = Sole Solution

How to Unlock the Crimson Shroud and Infinite Corridor

After getting hyper mode in four stages, there is a new challenge level called Moongolow that you unlock. Continue playing until the 13th minute, when a Gilded Clover item appears. Kill all enemies with it.

The screen will then begin to distort before loading a new level. If you die here, you may reselect the level by choosing the glitched option in the level select menu. We suggest you choose Gennaro for this gauntlet. Collect the pentagram at the end of the level, then walk towards the item the arrow is pointing at to get the Yellow Sign.

Open the map to reveal the locations of the Silver Ring, Gold Ring, and Metaglio Right when you load any level. To unlock the weapon evolutions, we recommend going to the Inlaid Library. Theyre tough, but you can get a golden egg.

You must level the Silver Ring and Golden Ring, or the Metaglio Left and Metaglio Right, and their linked weapons to the maximum level;Clock Lancet links with the rings, and Laurel links with the Metaglio parts. After you have done this, open a chest to learn the weapon evolution.

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