Apex Legends players turn to mob justice to resolve matchmaking difficulties

Apex Legends players turn to mob justice to resolve matchmaking difficulties ...

Apex Legends players are relying on mob justice to resolve their matchmaking issues in the battle royale game. The Apex Legends Season 14 release has proven to be quite successful so far, with the new update pushing the game to a new Steam concurrent player record. However, many players have recently expressed dissatisfaction with the matchmaking system in the FPS game's ranked mode.

The most popular Apex Legends subreddit post at the time of writing is the latest in a series of rants from players at lower levels saying they are fed up with Masters and Apex Predator rank players appearing in their lobbies. Another popular post urges developer Respawn to refrain from worrying about matchmaking times, claiming that players prefer to stay in queue for a few weeks rather than end up in matches with players with significantly different abilities.

A viral video depicts a large number of competitors seemingly tying up with their opponents to eliminate a Predator rank player in their lobby. Inqo, the player in question who goes by datemike97 on Reddit, posted a short video of them dropping at the start of a round only to realize that a large number of players are trailing behind them in pursuit.

Other players are able to recognise Inqo as a particularly dangerous threat to their success because of a special divetrail awarded to players who have achieved Predator rank. At one point, the group appears to be entirely intent on defeating Inqo at the expense of finding gear or even chasing one of the other Pathfinder players.

Inqo appears to take the whole thing in their stride, exclaiming, It's half the server they're all chasing me this games a ****ing horror game Im so dead! Inqo states that this sort of situation is a regularoccurrence, and that they have previously ranked Predator in both arena and battle royale modes.

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