This Elden Ring dragon diorama is simply stunning

This Elden Ring dragon diorama is simply stunning ...

The sight of an Elden Ring dragon is enough to evoke wonder and perhaps fear in FromSofts dark fantasy RPG. The incredible Elden Ring diorama from Reddit user TheChondroCompany is short on the fear, but heavy on the awe. At Lake Agheel (where else?) Its a fantastically detailed creation with clever touches that really captures the essence of The Lands Between.

The Agheels wings' layers are impressive and beautifully made, but the smaller details stand out just as much and really make this experience special: the ripples on the water, the withered grass, the mossy stones, and of course, the scorched trees.

The Agheel flame shines out as well, especially in the scenes where the lights are out, and to top it all off, the Glintstone Staff's tip glows at the tip. Good job to the Glintstone Staff for removing the dragon early in Elden Ring, and bows are a nightmare.

One commenter jokingly claimed that it was almost too accurate, claiming that Agheel would never behave in a normal manner.

Agheel would never perch on the bluff like that, in defiance of physics, and walk in a circle next to the bluff? Absolutely not!

TheChondroCompany said the company is actively looking at what to do next in the future. The Radahn Festival is at the top of their list, especially something depicting Radahn's famous meteor form.

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