The Threewave CTF mod has been added to Classic Quake update 4

The Threewave CTF mod has been added to Classic Quake update 4 ...

The latest Quake update 4 is now available, designed to coincide with the first day of this year's QuakeCon, and it adds the classic capture the flag mod Threewave CTF to the modern version of the old-school FPS game. Threewave CTF was a smash hit in 1996, and it helped popularize a game mode that would eventually be included in all major multiplayer shooters for decades to come.

Threewave CTF follows the norms of capture the flag: your job is to capture the enemy's base, take their flag, and return it to your base, while preventing the opposing team from doing the same. Added a few distinctively Quake elements in the form of power-up runses that give damage resistance, speed boosts, or other bonuses to the holder

The grappling hook was also introduced as a new Quake traversal feature. It's worth mentioning that the grappling hook can be used to zip around a map by attaching to walls and quickly yanking the player in the correct direction.

The meathook found in Doom Eternal had its origins in Threewave CTFs grappling hook, so it's not a huge stretch to imagine it.

The Quake Remaster Quake Update 4 for the Quake remaster includes nine of the original maps, each with enhanced lighting and fog effects, so they appear better than they did previously. The update addresses several issues, including the ability to auto-aim variables in multiplayer.

The latest Quake Steam version is free.