Tower of Fantasy's electronic lock passwords are all electronic

Tower of Fantasy's electronic lock passwords are all electronic ...

In Tower of Fantasy, youll find a variety of treasure chests that will reward you with different resources and materials. Some treasure chests are hidden behind electronic locks that require special passwords to unlock.

Tower of Fantasy electronic lock passwords

Tower of Fantasy currently has ten electronic locks. The password, location, and coordinates for each lock can be found in the table below.

Location CoordinatesPassword
Banges Shelter Electronic Lock85.0,967.21647
Navia Truck Electronic Lock-537.1, -449.92202
Under Cetus Island Electronic Lock-638.5, -847.23344
Miners Camp Electronic Lock-376.3, -245.54753
Crescent Shore Electronic Lock-779.0, -644.21024
Seaforth Dock Electronic Lock-508.1, -767.53594
Lumina Electronic Lock-736.7, -851.57268
Aarniel Fortress380.7, -832.58521
Warren Snowfield651.1, -1242.87092
Raincaller Island Tower-757.8, -569.95972

Although the game will provide you with instructions to figure out the passwords by yourself, it may take a lot of time to complete them. Therefore, you should refer to the table and claim the rewards as soon as possible.

Type 1 and 2 Supply Pod are examples of potential rewards for unlocking these electronic locks. You may also win upto three Gold Nucleus, which is a popular resource in the game.

It's highly possible that additional electronic locks will be introduced later in the game because the game is relatively new. We'll update the guide with new locks and passwords when they are released.