How to Survive in Thymesia with a Thymesia Beginner Guide

How to Survive in Thymesia with a Thymesia Beginner Guide ...

Thymesia is a challenging action game that follows the footsteps of FromSoftware's Souls games. You will face difficult opponents and bosses, and you will die a lot. As G.I. Joe taught us, knowing is half the battle, so here are some important advice to help beginners succeed in the Hermes Kingdom.

Its okay to turn back

The missions in Thymesias are separate tasks; you will not be exploring the same huge map. Beacons serve as checkpoints along the way, allowing you to build up and heal (more on that in a moment) rather than retreat and rest.

Dont hoard Memory Shards

If you die and fail to retrieve the Memory Shards, they will be lost forever. Stop and spend the Shards if you have enough to level up and are close to a Beacon. It's a waste of energy to carry a lot at the same time.

Theres no right way to level up

If you do a lot of offense, grab skills for your saber. In the worst-case scenario, you can swap individual skill points across different sections of the skill tree at any time.

ABC: Always be clawing

In Thymesia, combat is quite intense, and using both your saber and claw attacks in equal measure is very important. If you want your opponent to heal most of it, you must seal the wound with a claw attack. This is particularly important during boss fights.

Take your time

Be willing to take a slow and steady approach during boss fights (and really any encounter in Thymesia): the game rewards aggression, but becoming greedy with your attacks will only lead to costly mistakes. Analyzing the situation and learning the attack patterns will always do more for you.