How to upgrade and mix potions in Thymesia

How to upgrade and mix potions in Thymesia ...

Thymesia is a city of combat, and no matter how skilled you are at deflecting and defying, you'll suffer damage at some point. Potions are there to help restore your lost health. Here's how to get more potions in Thymesia and how to make them even more potent.

Using potions in Thymesia

The quantity of potion youll need to get rid of may vary, but the effects are the same regardless of what platform you are playing Thymesia on. The most basic one, which you start with, is the General Potion. It heals more HP but restores more HP overall, as well as a fast-acting potion that heals less but does so much faster.

Upgrading potions in Thymesia

Beacons are also a great place to get new spells. Each time you defeat a higher-tier enemy (the ones that do not respawn when you rest at a Beacon), they'll drop an Alchemy Enhancer. These can be used to increase your potions count, the amount of health they restore, and the amount of ingredients they can include.

Mixing potions in Thymesia

The ingredient slots are a particularly interesting part of the game. As you battle enemies, youll discover that various ingredients like garlic, fennel, and mint may be dropped. Each of these has a different effect; for example, fennel increases the overall HP restored by a potion. These can be added to the same potion menu and will buff every potion of that kind thereafter.