Odur's tactics in Thymesia

Odur's tactics in Thymesia ...

The first stage of Thymesia is filled with a lot of promotional material for the Twilight Circus. After reaching the final chamber, you'll confront Odur, the ringmaster himself. He's much more difficult than the soldiers and circus members youve fought up until that point, so you'll need to be prepared for the fight.

How to defeat Odur in Thymesia Phase 1

Odur is aware of two different melee combos. The first is a triple kick, while the other is a three slashes with his cane sword. If you want to avoid doing too much damage, try to dodge more often to keep yourself centered for a while.

Odur will send two individual playing cards flying towards you, one after the other. These are not very fast moving and may be avoided at your normal walking speed if you avoid the other attacks. Either dodge the card waves and send a Feather toward Odur to counteract the next attack, or hell zip right to you and deal some severe damage.

Be sure to use a reave strike to remove the Miasma Plague Weapon from Odur before activating the final blow. It's very useful in the next part.

How to defeat Odur in Thymesia Phase 2

Odurs combos become more dangerous as the arena darkens. He now chain together five to six slashes from his cane sword, and he moves a lot quicker before unleashing them. The same strategy applies though: keep the pressure on when you dodge to the side.

Odurs ultimate is very important to look out for in phase two: it cannot be deflected or dodged: you have to get out of range. In this situation, removing your shield might be a good idea. Turn around and start sprinting or mashing the dodge button.

If you are not up to deflecting long combos in this phase, use it at your discretion to get a big dodge boost. The initial burst deals damage, then your dodge distance increases for a limited time as you turn into mist with each move.

Odur is the first real obstacle in Thymesia. He isnt a pushover, but persistence will eventually bring you the victory. Stay smartly aggressive, dealing damage whenever you can, and youll be on the top.