How to Unlock and Upgrade Plague Weapons in Thymesia

How to Unlock and Upgrade Plague Weapons in Thymesia ...

Plague Weapons are used in Thymesia as one of the game's most popular mechanics. They are essentially replicas of your adversaries' weapons, but in your own hands. When used properly, Plague Weapons can turn the tide of battle.

How to reave Plague Weapons in Thymesia

Thymesia allows you to steal Plague Weapons from enemies themselves. This special move requires you to do something about it; it only allows you to use the weapon theyre currently using.

How to unlock Plague Weapons in Thymesia

Every enemy has a chance to drop Skill Shards for their particular weapon. This could be a set of Twin Blades, a Halberd, or a Shield, as shown in the screenshot above. When you are resting at a Beacon, you may open the Plague Weapons menu and see the whole arsenal. As mentioned earlier, each weapon has its own type of Shard, so you can only wield one Plague Weapon at a time.

How to upgrade Plague Weapons in Thymesia

You may also spend Shards to upgrade your Plague Weapons. Each individual weapon has its own upgrade path, and the more Skill Shards you spend there, the better they will be. Upgrade means dealing more damage and activating bonus effects, and if you meet certain strength, vitality, or plague stat requirements by leveling up, you'll unlock additional perks for each weapon.