In Warframe, how do I get Argon Crystals?

In Warframe, how do I get Argon Crystals? ...

Argon Crystals in Warframe are a scarce resource that functions differently than the other in-game resources. It is the only resource in the game that may disappear from your inventory due to decay. This article will explain the best locations to farm Argon Crystals in Warframe.

How to get Argon Crystals in Warframe

Run missions in the Void and collect Argon crystals, either from enemies, containers, or large Argon deposits discovered in the levels. They are a rare drop, but there are a few steps you can take to ensure that you get them efficiently farming.

The first step to making farming these rare materials more accessible is to go to the marketplace and purchase a Resource Booster and a Resource Drop Chance Booster. These are purchased through the trade market with other players, and will significantly increase how much Argon Crystals you will drop, although they aren't required.

Teshub is the exact node in the Void you want to choose for your Exterminate mission, which is the best node to select for rapid farming Argon Crystals. The key to Argon Crystals is the level itself.

These rare items will spawn in random areas throughout the level. Exterminate missions allow you to explore many areas quickly. Each barrel you break, locker you open, and enemy defeated has a chance of dropping this rare resource. Once the mission is finished, restart it and rerun it until you have enough.

Ivara may also use Prowl to steal Argon Crystals from enemies.

Each of you playing as these Warframes will give you the greatest opportunity to earn many Argon Crystals quickly. Other nodes and missions may also be acquired, but this method is the most efficient for quick gains and minimal resource investment.

How Argon Crystals work in Warframe

New crystals in your inventory will halve every 24 hours. If you farm eight of them and use two, the six remaining Argon Crystals will remain stable until midnight UTC but then begin to decay. The next time the clock strikes midnight UTC, you will only have three crystals. This decay will happen at midnight UTC every night.

Furthermore, canceling a build before it finishes will not refund your Argon Crystals. Make sure you farm what you need and finish what you begin to avoid losing any crystals in your possession.