Destiny 2s Season 18 includes all champion and artifact mods

Destiny 2s Season 18 includes all champion and artifact mods ...

Each season of Destiny 2, you receive an Artifact that you carry around with you, as you level up, and many modifications that you may need to customize your Guardian. These modifications are essential to boost your Guardian, as they give you bonuses with varied weapons, playstyles, and ways to enhance your character in Destiny 2.

Artifact mods in Destiny 2s Season 18

You may select from five rows of mods. You will need to upgrade your Artifact and purchase enough bonuses to get to the next row. After you level up your Artifact, you may reset it and select a new one for you to use during the season.

Season 18 of Destiny 2 may be re-used with these Artifact mods.

First RowSecond Row (after two perks)Third Row (after four perks)Fourth Row (after eight perks)Fifth Row (after ten perks)
Overload Bows (Arms)Scout Rifle Loader (arms)Glaive Loader (arms)Overload LMG (Arms): Uninterrupted fire from equipped Machine Guns stuns enemies with a beam that delays energy regeneration and reduces the enemys damage output. Strong against Overload Champions.Thunderous Retort (Class): Ar Supers do more damage when cast while in critical condition or while amplified.
Unstoppable Pulse Rifles (arms)Sword Ammo Scavengers (Legs)Focusing Strike (Arms): Causing damage with a melee ability grants class ability energy.Anti-Barrier Snipers (Arms)Hype Train Conductor (Class): Increase amplified timer by two seconds. Stacks.
Anti-Barrier Scout Rifles (Arms)Machine Gun Holster (Legs): Gradually reloads stowed Machine Guns over time. StacksCombo Arc and Solar Resist (Chest)Bad Amplitude (Class): Damaging a Champion with an Arc ability causes the Champion to become jolted.Trace Evidence (Class): Precision hits on Arc rebuffed targets will generate Ionic Traces.
Anti-Barrier Auto RiflesScout and Sniper Targeting (Head)Machine Gun Ammo Scavenger (legs)Surge Detonators (Class)Lighting Strikes Twice (Class)
Unstoppable Shotgun (arms)Bottomless Bounty 1 (Head): Improves two Origin PerksBottomless Bounty 2 (head): Improves two Origin perksInferno Whip (Class)Sundering Glare (Class)