The Mod-Installer feature prevents mod-using players from starting the game

The Mod-Installer feature prevents mod-using players from starting the game ...

If there is a game on PC, it will have a mod community. MultiVersus, a platform fighting game from Warner Bros., is no exception, and considering all the different properties it pulls from, it almost encourages savvy players to add their own elements to the roster. Sadly, the games latest update has prevented those players from booting the game at all.

@GhostsSoup, a multi-Versus moder, has confirmed the change on Twitter, claiming that developer Player First Games has forbidden any type of development. It's also true that as of the most recent update.

If you have mods installed, Multiversus will no longer boot up. They destroyed any form of gaming. If we ever discover a solution, I will make sure to post about it, but for the time being, no mods will work.

Custom skins were causing trouble for modders ahead of the release, although the majority of them were harmless, bringing other characters into the game as re-skins of those who are already on the roster. The issue then seems to be on Warner Bros.' publisher (and IP owner) side. Skins are a source of income for the free-to-play game, and mods are a source of income.

Another issue here is the game's always-online nature. PC games are not uncommon for mods to be restricted to offline play only, but MultiVersus does not allow that. Training modes like The Lab or local custom games would be ostensibly safe environments for mod use, but theyre inaccessible while mods are present.

To be clear, this is disappointing news for modders, but MultiVersus has plenty more official characters on the way. Both will be released sometime after Morty later this month. Beetlejuice and The Wicked Witch are also expected to be added to the roster in the future.