The Kirbys Dream Buffet is a mouthwatering entree that fills you up, but doesn't seem to justify staying for dessert. Hands-on impressions

The Kirbys Dream Buffet is a mouthwatering entree that fills you up, but doesn't seem to justify sta ...

HAL Laboratory is willing to experiment with Kirby in just about every way it can. In just about every year for the last decade, at least one Kirby game has been released, and with 2022 being the 30th anniversary of the pink puffball, HAL decided to follow up Kirby and the Forgotten Land with a much smaller Fall Guys-like game.

The Kirbys Dream Buffet game has four players compete in four rounds to see who can eat the most strawberries. The game never gets more complicated than that. The first round is always an obstacle course race, followed by a minigame, and finally ends in a battle round.

Fall Guys-lite

Fall Guys became an instant visual representation for many. While I appreciate the similarities, Kirbys Dream Buffet is so tiny as Fall Guys that it's hard to put them together. Matches in Fall Guys begin with up to 60 other players and go until one person is standing. There are no knockout rounds in Kirbys Dream Buffet, but Ive never seen them above the starting line.

The best part about this much smaller Dream Buffet is that it moves much quicker than Fall Guys. Loading is almost instantaneous, and while Nintendo is famous for delivering poor online experiences, this game works well for the most part.

Bite-size rounds

As you collect strawberries, you also want to ensure that you get to the end first because there are three plates of strawberries that determine who wins and who loses each match.

The minigames are over within 20 seconds, which is for the best, since none of the four minigames here is particularly engaging. It's all about grabbing strawberries in a small arena before the opponents can, and they're not much more elaborate.

While I like the races the most, the final battles can be unpredictable and fun as well. Strawberries fall in while you all fight to keep them. During this round, you can attack each other with power-ups and steal strawberries from each other. The Server Hands will also try and grab you with tongs, taking your hard-earned strawberries as well.

Kirbys Dream Buffet is a decent game to purchase for very inexpensive on the Nintendo Switch eShop. You may return to it in the future to improve your Gourmet Rank and unlock new outfits, but after that, I doubt that most people will play it for longer than a weekend.