Season 2 of Only Murders in the Building: Five big questions

Season 2 of Only Murders in the Building: Five big questions ...

What do we need to know as we prepare for theOnly Murders in the Buildingseason 2 finale? Lets just say there are a LOT of loose ends. Some questions will be answered, but will all of them? There is still a sense of mystery here.

Lets just state that there are FIVE major questions we'll face in the final chapter, beyond of course the simple one of who killed Bunny. It just demonstrates how many loose ends there are, and how much story this series has to cover in a relatively short period of time.

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How did the killer get to know about the catacombs? The fact that the killer had such an intimate knowledge of the Arconia indicates that they are a probable resident. If Cinda or Poppy were to discover that, they would need a source on the inside. We did see Kreps in them later on, but did he know about them at the time Bunny was killed?

What happened to Becky's death? This is one of the most important questions.

What's the meaning of the painting? Why would Cinda care about it at all, anyway? Based on everything weve seen so far, she's not a slob-up on cash.

What is the real motive for producing podcast content and getting the trio detained (eliminating a contestant)? Is it really the most compelling reason they could come up with?

We tend to think someone will since this show loves these kinds of cliffhangers! It's only about who makes the most sense for the story's future!

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