Live feed spoilers for Big Brother 24: Week 7's eviction preview! (day 44)

Live feed spoilers for Big Brother 24: Week 7's eviction preview! (day 44) ...

The Big Brother 24house's week 7 eviction is coming tonight, and there will be some other chaos along with it. Were going to see the beginning of the Split House twist, something that could alter the whole game. It will be impossible for anyone in the house to see it coming.

Before we move onto that, we have to see what happens when it comes to Indy and Terrance on the block. Who is in the most danger? Easily Indy, but at the same time this game is becoming a little more complex than we would have expected.

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The biggest issue right now is mainly about posturing in the game. Mostly because he wants to keep his allegiance hidden and this will look like he still supports the Five Swatters. Meanwhile, Michael wants to give Indy a sympathy vote if he can.

The issue here is that there are eight people voting this week, and if Kyle, Michael, Joseph, Alyssa, and Jasmine vote to evict Terrance, he will go, and that is not the intention. With Kyle, Michael, and Joseph in particular, this is a game of chicken to see who gets the most blood on their hands and angers Indy. It's also possible that Taylor would be forced to do something that would both be cruel, especially considering how the show edited things

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