Showtime has made the Chi season 6 renewal official

Showtime has made the Chi season 6 renewal official ...

Season 5 of The Chi has just two episodes left, so there is no need to worry about the future!

Deadline reports that the premium cable network has ordered another batch of episodes of the Chicago-set drama series. The show has had a dedicated following from the beginning, and the aforementioned site claims that it has also been one of the best digital performers of any of their series. That makes sense given the way in which Showtime is releasing new episodes: they are initially released on the app Fridays at midnight, then broadcasting them on Sundays in the standard time slot.

Showtime is ensuring that there are no concerns over the rest of the season when Season 6 is renewed. They want everyone to be immersed in the world of these characters rather than having any sort of explicit future worries.

Lets get back to the main topic: When will we actually see it on the air? We tend to think it will be released in late spring or early summer next year, roughly the same time period that we got this time around. That should allow the Showtime folks to resurrect the series in the timeframe that they desire. Were certain that the finale early next month will set the stage for what will follow.

Remember, there is no new episode of The Chithis week; season 5 episode 9 will be available on the app on August 26.