Season 2 of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin: What else is out there?

Season 2 of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin: What else is out there? ...

Is there any hope at all of aPretty Little Liars: Original Sinseason 2 sometime down the road? We know that there are a lot of questions on this topic, and we understand why.

The original promo for todays series finale as a series finale was a mistake. That has been identified, but we should all breathe easy. There is still a major cause for concern when you consider that the season 1 finale tied up a number of mysteries. Whether it be the identity of A or the criminal mastermind behind much of what,

We know that the originalPLLdid received a fair amount of criticism for continuing to keep the A mystery going long enough, and this seems to be a response to a lot of the people who were dissatisfied with that. It does put the authors in a more precarious position going forward.

If there is one thing that might still be a plot point, it is the fact that technically, Archie (Angelas' secret twin) is still out there. This does open the way for some other new stories to develop depending on what the streaming service decides to do. They will likely base a renewed renewal on the overall season 1 performance mixed with of course the budget. Warner Bros. Discovery is going to do whatever they can to save money.

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