NCIS season 20 spoilers: More David McCallum on the way?

NCIS season 20 spoilers: More David McCallum on the way? ...

Is it possible to get more from David McCallum as Ducky entersNCISseason 20? Just let us say there's another reason for optimism.

Brian Dietzen has provided a new photo of the two actors together on the famous diner set in a new Instagram post (see below), which indicates strongly that Ducky will continue to have a role on the long-running series. This is extremely significant considering that he is the only original cast member who shows up occasionally (or occasionally) in season 1.

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Ducky's intention to take on a role similar to those discussed in the previous couple of years is likely to be continued on a weekly basis. His responsibilities have been expanded, though he may intervene where and when necessary in the morgue.

CBS will broadcast NCISseason 20 on Monday, September 19, and almost immediately, the crime procedural will have to resolve whats happening with Alden Parker and the Raven. The premiere will serve as the first half of an epic crossover event, and who knows where things will lead at the end of all of that?

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Brian Dietzen has shared a post. (@briankdietzen)