The Devs Of Great Contra Tribute Show Off A Gorgeous Take On Ninja Gaiden

The Devs Of Great Contra Tribute Show Off A Gorgeous Take On Ninja Gaiden ...

Retro tributes to Indie are a dime a dozen, but the very finest ones are more rare than you would expect. Blazing Chrome, a 2019 run n gun based on Contra III, is one of them. And today, JoyMasher announced that theyve got a new one in the works, called Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider. Its basically 16-bit Ninja Gaiden, and it looks pretty cool.

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You play as a ninja cyborg who rises up against its masters and takes on an army of super soldiers to defeat the totalitarian regime ruled by a dystopic future. At some point youll get to slash through some detailed bosses, as well as a complete Akira motorcycle slide.

Here's the trailer:

Danilo Dias, the art director for the PlayStation Blog, listed a number of influences for the appearance and feel of Vengeful Guardian. One obvious reference point is H.R. Giger of Alien fame, who's fusion of organic curves and metallic surfaces is evident in the games sci-fi aesthetic. However, Dias also names Keita Amemiya, the director of the 1991 Japanese sci-fi film Zeiram, and Japanese TV series Genocyber and Cybernetic

The Messenger, Katana Zero, and Cyber Shadow are just a few of the retro ninja side-scroller genres that Dias has admitted to. Id even include a mini-arcade nostalgia hit Steel Assault into the mix. Of course, all of those were fantastic, in part because they each excelled at something different.

Vengeful Guardian will be able to carved out a similar niche. At a time when Metroidvanias and roguelites were dominating Steam, Blazing Chrome was a refreshingly tight and focused arcade hit. JoyMashers latest is currently being released on PlayStation, Switch, and PC this fall.