Free Rare Victini Mythicals is being offered by Pokemon Sword And Shield

Free Rare Victini Mythicals is being offered by Pokemon Sword And Shield ...

The Pokemon World Championships, which will take place in London this week, have just released a new reward for those of us who are watching the tournament at home. From now until August 21, you may use a Mystery Gift code to redeem a Victini in Pokemon Sword And Shield.

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The Mythic Pokemon download code was first discovered by Serebii; simply go to the games Mystery Gift menu by pressing X, select Get a Mystery Gift, then Enter the Code/Password, and then enter the code above. The Victini will have a Brave nature, and will come with a moveset of V-create, Work Up, and Flame Charge.

Victini will be distributed for the first and likely only time for generation 8, since Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18 this year, according to The Pokemon Companys CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara, who will conduct the closing ceremony on Sunday.

The Victini distribution event is fantastic news for anyone considering participating in competitive ranked matches. Earlier this month, the community discovered that mythic Pokemon like Victini might be permitted to curbstomp opponents in competitive play. This allows it to spam powerful attacks that normally have a good chance of missing the opponent, but with significantly improved accuracy. Its signature move, V-create, also has very severe base damage.

The most important thing about Victini isnt that she is a great competitive playable Pokemon. Make sure to get yours before the weekend comes to an end.

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