Pokemon Unites New Stage The Fearsome Rayquaza Is Located At The Center

Pokemon Unites New Stage The Fearsome Rayquaza Is Located At The Center ...

TiMi Studio Group announced that the free-to-play MOBA Pokemon Unite would soon get a new map and a recognizable Gen III legendary dragon during the Pokemon World Championships, an annual invite-only esports event that kicked off today.

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The Pokemon Company's 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena is a 5v5 multiplayer multiplayer game that allows you to pick a Pokemon from a growing roster and fight other pocket monsters to win the game in a set amount of time. It can be both thrilling and exhausting, and TiMi Studio Group has kept things fresh by periodically adding new content. Just this week, the developer introduced Tyranitar, a Gen II dark rock legend, as a melee all-rounder.

Theia Sky Ruins, a floating and overgrown island that was previously unknown in Pokemon Unite, is coming soon. The map includes a marshy stone appearance and a gaggle of beasts, such as Gen Vs Accelgor and Gen VIs Bunnelby. Rayquaza, the mascot of 2005's Pokemon Emerald, will likely fill the same role that Gen I legendary thunderbird Zapdos has filled in the previous version, awarding a ton of points and

Theia Sky Ruins' introduction to Pokemon Unite hasnt been announced for the time being. For the time being, there is just the vague coming soon announcement. If it does get introduced, it will be the seventh map in the game, resulting in an even greater stage selection choice.

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While Pokemon Unite just saw Tyranitar included as a new core map, fans of the popular MOBA are still datamining to discover what else TiMi Studio Group is planning to include in the game in the future. Starting next month, TiMi Studio Group and The Pokemon Company are extending their one-year anniversary by adding more monsters.