McDonald's Pokemon Card Happy Meals Are Back, However, Fans Are Happy

McDonald's Pokemon Card Happy Meals Are Back, However, Fans Are Happy ...

When I returned to work on Tuesday, I went to McDonald's to get Pokemon cards from its latest Happy Meal promotion. I purchased two kids meals (I do not have children), and I was surprised when an employee handed me two plain Happy Meal boxes, which included a pack of Pokemon trading cards. Other customers who purchased the Happy Meals have reported receiving Space Jam 2.

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The most typical McDonalds offer includes a Pokemon spinner toy, a cardboard Pikachu coin, and a set of four trading cards (one of which is holographic). These are intended to be used in a party game in which one player (up to four) compares their cards to determine who has the highest score.

Many Twitter users were extremely dissatisfied with this oversight. All seven purchased were toys from the animated cartoon starring LeBron James. One customer who received a basketball-themed toy pointed out that the McDonalds app had asked the customer what kind of toy they wanted.

The worst part of this is that the Space Jam 2 toys were distributed last summer as part of a promotional for the 2021 film. These toys are extremely old leftovers rather than a mix-up from the previous promotion.

Several Reddit users have explained that many shops simply did not have the Pokemon shipment when the collaboration was announced. It may be worthwhile to wait a few more days, or calling ahead to ensure that your store has the packs. Keep some for the children.

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Collectors and scalpers purchased dozens of Happy Meals for the card packs during the past year. Many of these cards and collectibles ended up being sold on eBay. Which might not have been a big deal, given that these cards and collectibles were primarily intended for children. So before you buy out a whole restaurant, consider how disappointed a young Pokemon fan might be if they found Bugs Bunny in their Happy Meal.