Most People Forget About the Xbox Features

Most People Forget About the Xbox Features ...

We did it for the Switch. We did it for the PlayStation 5. It's only fair that we do it for the Xbox as well. Earlier this month, Sony announced that it would remove the barely-used Accolades feature from PS5, which allowed you to bestow awards on others in multiplayer games without much fanfare.

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The Xboxs' UI is pretty fine-tuned, having been refined over a decade. (The Xbox Series X/S has the same interface as the Xbox One; it's universal across console generations.) Still, there's always room to trim. Here are some features Microsoft might remove from the Xbox without causing much controversy.

Pin to Home

You may permanently pin any game to your Xbox console by hovering over its icon, tapping the hamburger button, and then selecting add to home. It's possible that the Xbox UI will already show your six most recently used games.

Game Clubs

The Game Club is a resource available for every Xbox game, from achievement lists to gameplay reports, which you can always download from your favorite gaming news site.

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Were we all well in the age of Zoom, but the all-encompassing specter of a video chat app five internet eras ago hasnt gone anywhere. Yes, Skype is very much on Xbox. My only question here is why?

Break Reminders

Sure, under the Preferences menu, you can set up automatic break reminders in half-hour increments. (These notifications only appear when youre playing a game, but the clock starts counting the second you turn your Xbox on.) Also, free time is more precious than ever before.

The Events tab

The Xboxs main screen has a line item for Events, which gives you a quick update on live-service games like Marvels Avengers, Ark: Survival Evolved, and Destiny 2two, all of which I have never played on Xbox. (My Avengers account is on PlayStation; I have never touched Ark.) However, it's likely that you'll get updates on what's going on either official social channels or in-game.

Xbox Assist

Xbox Assist is a set of system-level FAQs, recommendations, and other helpful links. However, you cant keep all of these guides open simultaneously with the part of the Xbox you're experiencing the issue with, as we all know the one resource people go to for quick answers: Google.