Hulks Avengers Story Retains Major Gaps in She-Hulk Episode 1

Hulks Avengers Story Retains Major Gaps in She-Hulk Episode 1 ...

This article contains spoilers for episode one of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

Hulk appeared to be the most tragic of the original Avengers: Endgame. He was forced to transform into an uncontrollable beast, hunted down by his girlfriends father. After Avengers: Endgame, Bruce appears to be in better health than the others. Sure, Steve got to see that dance in his teens, but now that hes older, he is still unable to participate in a delightful Broadway musical. And Tony and Natasha are, well, dead.

Bruce figured out a way to combine his two personas, while still retaining his jade muscles. The only drawback? A seemingly permanent disabled arm, broken after using the Infinity Stones to restore half of the world back into existence.

After Endgame, she recaptures Bruces life as Banner rather than Smart Hulk, and we see him riding in the car with his cousin Jen Walters, where he discovers a special device that allows him to control his transformations. After seeing his cousin Jen Walters hulk out, a side effect of his gamma-irradiated blood mingling with hers during a car accident, Banner whisks her away to a secret lab on the Mexican coast.

Banner admits that he and Tony built the laboratory together, which leads to the nearby tiki bar. During the five-year hiatus, Banner returned to the lab to discuss his issues with the big guy, who refused to stand up after being pummled by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. In one of the shows' truly poignant moments, he thinks back on the good times he had with old friends, drinking with Tony and ridiculing Steve.

The episode also gives us a look at the Hulks MCU future. Banner might no longer need to wear the cast he had worn in Thor: Ragnarok. Rather, it's the sudden appearance of the Sakaaran space ship that causes Bruce and Jen to have their fateful collision.

Hulk remains an active participant in the superhero world while his co-founders have moved on to other things. And while Jen seems to have mastered the art of being a Hulk with far less difficulty, shell be sure to need her gamma-powered cousin sooner rather than later.